U.S. Beef Tenderloin




Wholesale U.S Beef Tenderloin by Westco Foods in Trinidad are the most tender and lean beef cuts.

  •  Westco Foods’ U.S Beef Tenderloin are available for 24-hour delivery.
  •  These U.S Beef Tenderloin come in cases of 11-12lbs.
  •  Each piece of the U.S Beef Tenderloin can be 6 or 80z.

U.S Beef Tenderloin by Westco Foods can complete your 5 star plate. This piece of steak can be used for a classic romantic special dinner or as a centrepiece for a holiday meal.  Ever have to chew and chew a piece of steak? Not with this one, very tender, juicy and lean. This cut of meat is a muscle near the back of the cow that is hardly used. This is the reason for the extra special tender steak cut. Remember to be careful not to overcook it. This tends to happen often because it only needs a few mins cooking time, depending on how hot the oven or BBQ is. It is advised to cook it till the centre is 175 degrees F. Ever see a slimy, sliver skin on top of a Beef tenderloin piece of steak? This sometimes causes a bit of toughness at the top. So trim it off and you are good to go! This U.S Beef Tenderloin Steak cannot get more soft, one that melts in your mouth. Westco Foods’ strives to offer the best customer service in Trinidad. We offer the most selection and the freshest offerings — all to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd. Contact Westco Foods for all wholesale beef needs, and order our U.S Beef Tenderloin today!

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6OZ, 8OZ

Average Case Weight

11-12 LBS

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