Turkey Wings



Wholesale Turkey Wings by Westco Foods in Trinidad is great fried and served as an alternative to chicken wings.

  • Westco Foods’ Turkey Wings are available for 24-hour delivery.
  • These turkey wings come in average case size of 22 pounds.
  • Turkey Wings come from Canada.

Turkey Wings by Westco Foods offers a great variety for your restaurant menu. From roasted turkey wings with creamy marsala gravy to smothered turkey wings, Westco Foods supplies wholesale turkey wings. Bake turkey wings with our frozen wholesale fries or frozen wholesale vegetables in a variety of seasonings and sauces, and serve in your restaurant as a special your customers will love, or as a classic appetizer for complete goodness. Trinidad’s best food distribution company never lets you down. Westco Foods is passionate about helping restaurants offer the best menu items by supplying you with the best wholesale groceries and wholesale meat supplies. Contact Westco Foods for all your wholesale turkey wing needs, and order our Turkey Wings today!

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