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Swiss Mayonnaise by Westco Foods in Trinidad is an essential condiment that is the base for so many recipes that you cannot afford to run out of it.

  • Westco Foods’ Swiss Mayonnaise comes in cases of 8 with 2 litre packs.
  • This wholesale Swiss Mayonnaise is convenient for your restaurant kitchen.
  • Use this Swiss Mayonnaise to whip up delicious recipes all week long.

Swiss Mayonnaise by Westco Foods in Trinidad is the most widely used condiment in the food industry. Create a whole day’s menu around this amazing ingredient. For an appetizer, use Westco’s Swiss Mayonnaise for delectable deviled eggs. As a main course, choose a tuna melt sandwich topped with our cheddar cheese or fish and chips with malt vinegar mayonnaise. Add this Swiss Mayonnaise to your next batch of chocolate cake mixes to make a moist and delicious dessert. As always with any wholesale food item, such as wholesale frozen chicken or wholesale frozen pork, you order from Westco, your order will arrive free of charge within 24 hours. Take advantage of our cut-to-order meat selection. We offer the widest restaurant menu selection items, and all of our items are fresh and neatly packaged. Westco Foods is the best restaurant food supplier in Trinidad and is the one and only supplier of the Marquise brand in Trinidad. Contact us for all your food distribution needs, and order our Swiss Mayonnaise today!

  • Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.
  • Online ordering available.
  • Top Rated Local® wholesale food distributor in Trinidad.

Each case of Mayonnaise consists of 8 packs of 2 litres.

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