Goat Leg



Wholesale Frozen Goat Leg by Westco Foods in Trinidad offers the most versatility for goat items on your restaurant menu.

  • Westco Foods’ Goat Leg comes from New Zealand.
  • These Goat Legs arrive frozen for packing and storing.
  • Wholesale Frozen Goat Legs weigh between 29 and 32 pounds.

Did you know that goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world? Its health benefits are staggering when compared to other meats, including chicken. It has less saturated fat, calories and cholesterol, making it one of the best sources of protein that is good for your heart. Goat meat is comparable to beef shanks or briskets, so preparation will be in much the same way. Westco Foods’ Wholesale frozen Goat Leg can be roasted with olive oil and various seasonings to taste. Flavorful and tender, wholesale Goat Leg is best slow cooked, using a dry rub of your favorite spices. Perfect on a bed of potatoes or paired with Westco Foods’ Frozen Vegetables or Frozen French Fries, wholesale goat meat will spice up any restaurant menu and allow your culinary chef to shine. Contact Westco Foods today for all of your restaurant food supplies and order our Goat Leg today!

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