Garden Peas




Wholesale Garden Peas by Westco Foods in Trinidad are frozen for freshness.

  •  Westco Foods’ Garden Peas are delivered frozen.
  •  These Garden Peas come in cases of 22 or 20lbs.
  •  Garden Peas come in bags of 1kg or 450 grams.

Garden Peas by Westco Foods are washed, blanched and frozen; ready for the pot. Our Garden Peas are a source of Vitamin C and rich in protein which makes them great for your immune system and for your muscles. Cooking a quick side of ‘just peas’ is going to change. Peas never tasted so good! This can actually make you crave peas. Firstly, don’t boil them. Sautee them with butter, sugar and mint. When ready to serve add salt and garlic to taste. Cooking them in a cheese sauce is also very delicious. So flavourful and so unique. Your next peas side will have no leftovers! Your mind will change from ‘just gotta have peas’ (forced) to ‘gimme the peas’ (urgent want). Westco Foods provides you with the best brand of Garden Peas, Flanders Best. We strive every day to make your experience with us the best one. Contact Westco Foods for all frozen vegetable needs and order our Garden Peas today!

  •  Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours of order.
  •  Online ordering available!
  • Top Rated Local® wholesale food distributor in Trinidad.

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10/1KG, 20/450G




22LBS, 20LBS


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