Westco Foods’ Wholesale Black Bean Burgers are perfect vegetarian options on any restaurant menu.


  • Westco Foods’ Black Bean Burgers are imported from the USA
  • Black Bean Burgers comes with 4 patties in a package for 12 oz total
  • Morning Star Farm is the brand of our Black Bean Burgers
  • As a veggie burger, Black Bean Burgers add variety to any menu and satisfies every customer


French fries are a staple food around the world. What food goes best with fries? A burger, of course! Top Rated Local® Wholesale food supplier Westco Foods offers Black Bean Burgers that are packed full of nutrients. Significantly less fat and calories than its beef counterpart, Black Bean Burgers deliver a powerful protein punch in a healthy manner. Top with your favorite burger toppings from tomatoes, pickles, cheese, onion, lettuce, mustard, ketchup, or mayonnaise for an unforgettable flavor. De-thaw and have ready at hand as these burgers cook in just minutes on the grill. These patties are the perfect size and contain corn, tomatoes, wheat, and onions mixed to a smooth consistency. Conveniently packaged, Black Bean Burgers by Trinidad’s best wholesale veggie burger supplier are sure to become a favorite menu item for years to come. Order Westco Foods’ Black Bean Burgers today!


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